CoD:IW - Community straft Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer

Community straft Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward hat vor genau 1 Woche den Trailer zum neuen Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare veröffentlicht und erntet seitdem sehr viel negative Resonanz.

Infinity Ward hat vor genau einer Woche den Trailer zum neuen Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, über den Call of Duty Kanal via Youtube veröffentlicht.

Der Hersteller hat sicher mit allem gerechnet, aber nicht mit einer solch negativen Reaktion. Mittlerweile haben 265.639 den Trailer für gut befunden, aber was viel schlimmer ist 1.269.456 Zuschauer haben dem Trailer ein fettes “Gefällt mir nicht” hinterlassen.

Infinite Warefare Trailer


Wenn man sich im Vergleich dazu den erst kürzlich veröffentlichten Trailer von Battlefield anschaut, kann man sehen was Euphorie bedeutet. 1.061.697 Zuschauer feiern den Trailer zu Battlefield 1, wärend dieser Trailer nur 19.359 für schlecht befunden wurde.

Battlefield 1 Trailer

Bleibt die Frage, will die Community damit zeigen, dass sie das Game als solches einfach nur schlecht findet? Oder hat Infinity einfach und schlichtweg nur wenig Engagement in den Trailer inverstiert?

Der CEO, Eric Hirshberg, von Activision äußert sich hingegen sehr positiv über die negativen Reaktion der Communitiy mit folgenden Worten:

On the second part of your question related to Infinite Warfare, first of all you got to love the passion of gamers. This is an industry like no other, and a fan base like no other and we love that our fans treat this franchise like it’s their own and have such strong points of view about it. There just aren’t many entertainment franchises on Earth that can generate the kind of passion that Call of Duty can and that’s a good thing.

Secondly, of course we know that there are people in our community who are nostalgic for the boots-on-the-ground-style gameplay, and that’s why we made Modern Warfare Remastered. But we also have millions of people in our community who want to have new innovative experiences in the game each year and Infinite Warfare is going to deliver that. And the good news is this year we found a way to deliver both in one package while keeping our community together.

And while of course we see the passionate opinions online, we also look at other measurements. And the fact is, while it’s very early, pre-orders are off to a very strong start. Views of the reveal trailer that you referred to are up and in fact the number of likes per view on the Infinite Warfare reveal trailer are also the highest we’ve ever seen.

We’ve seen this in the franchise before. The reveal trailer for Black Ops II, which took the franchise into the future for the first time, had the most dislikes of any reveal trailer we had ever made at that time. And that, of course, went on to become our most successful game ever.

And right now, the franchise has never been stronger. We have more people playing Black Ops III, a game that takes place in the future with boost jumps and fictitious weapons and all the rest, than any game in our history. So what we know for sure is that if we always just did what worked in the past and never took any creative risks, we wouldn’t have a franchise. The day to worry is the day we stop trying new things.

Bleibt abzuwarten was Infinity Ward gegen den negativen Ansturm unternimmt. Was denkt oder hofft ihr? Lasst uns ein paar Kommentare da!


Quelle: Youtube, Kotaku

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